Mother, This How to Overcome Pain Due to Blocked Breast Milk Channels

Have you ever felt swollen breasts and your baby having difficulty breastfeeding? One possible cause is blocked milk ducts. Although breastfeeding is a natural thing, but apparently there are some things that need to be known to breastfeeding mothers (busui) in order to avoid these conditions Blocked breast milk can occur if breast milk is produced faster than the baby's ability to suckle, or if the mother is late to express milk. As a result, milk builds up in the breast milk channel in the breast, so that the tissue around the channel becomes swollen, inflamed and clogs the flow of milk. Recognize Symptoms and Causes of Blockages If the breasts are often not completely emptied routinely, Mother can feel symptoms of blocked breast milk. As the breasts look reddish, hard lumps that appear painful to the touch, feel swollen and hot. These symptoms may be reduced after breastfeeding. However, if the breast feels painful, accompanied by a feeling of weakness and fever, it may be
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